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The International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy (IACGB) is an independent think tank composed about forty high-level bioeconomy leaders and experts from all hemispheres, representing different backgrounds and expertise. While the members of the IACGB serve in their personal capacity, many of them also advise the bioeconomy landscapes and governments of the countries or regions to which they relate.

The IACGB intends to act like a platform of platforms to facilitate international collaboration and mutual exchange in all aspects of relevance for sustainable and circular bioeconomy development by working together with multiple stakeholders across the globe, through leading representatives from policy, science, civil society and the business sector.

The IACGB initiates,  designs and organizes the Global Bioeconomy Summit, a leading global conference and platform for exchange and discussion of recent developments for a sustainable and circular bioeconomy worldwide.

The leadership team:
Christine Lang  | Julius Ecuru | Elspeth MacRae


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Joint vision for a global sustainable bioeconomy

Bioeconomy makes people and planet better off, by pursuing an economic system which is based on sustainable economic growth, while reducing resource consumption and by protecting and regenerating ecosystems. Using science to add value to biological resources and biological processes, the bioeconomy embraces the principles of renewability and circularity.


Global Bioeconomy Summits and Communiqués

Since 2015, the International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy (IACGB) issued the Global Bioeconomy Summits with the support of the respective partner countries. The first three Summits took place in Germany under the auspices and with significant support from the Federal Ministries of Education and Research (BMBF) and of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The next GBS is planned for October 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

On the occasion of the 3rd Global Bioeconomy Summit in 2020, the IACGB has issued a Communiqué with policy recommendations to move us towards a sustainable bioeconomy. It is accompanied by a Bioeconomy Joint Vision for a global sustainable bioeconomy and a new infographic. In addition, a concept for the implementation of an institutional arrangement for international bioeconomy consultation and advisory functions is presented.


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Global bioeconomies

The IACGB notes three overarching bioeconomy contributions to people and planet:
• Bioeconomy for health and wellbeing as a key element in building back better during and after COVID-19,
• Science and technology breakthroughs advancing the sustainable bioeconomy, and
• Climate action, ecosystems and biodiversity protection with and for a sustainable bioeconomy.

The bioeconomy contributes significantly to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Global Bioeconomy Summit 2024

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"One Planet - Sustainable Bioeconomy Solutions for Global Challenges"

23-24 October 2024 | Nairobi, Kenya  


Globalization of the Bioeconomy

Hybrid Policy Seminar on the IACGB Report on Global Bioeconomy , May 7, 2024

Co-organized by IFPRI, IACGB and CGIAR
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One Planet - Bioeconomy Solutions for Global Challenges

The statement summarises the results of the international workshop on global and local bioeconomies in Hanover, Germany, 26-27 June 2023. The two-day meeting of international bioeconomy experts was organised by the Volkswagen Association and the IACGB.

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