Coordination Mechanism - IACGB Membership

Expertise and role of IACGB members:
IACGB members22 are top-level experts who inform bioeconomy-related policies in their spheres of influence. They combine a broad range of expertise and backgrounds and are actively involved in different international bioeconomy-related policy, research and industry fora. IACGB members serve in their personal capacity as experts and do not necessarily represent an official government or organizational position. IACGB members are actively involved in implementing the key outputs and activities described above. They are further asked to be actively involved in the coordination of regional and national bioeconomy developments and to follow up on the implementation of the GBS Communiqués’s recommendations.

Membership period:
IACGB members are asked to serve for at least four years (two full conference periods). A Nominations Committee will recommend once to IACGB members to continue their service for another four years if they have been active in the IACGB work. However, an extended IACGB membership is not automatically offered. IACGB members are encouraged to identify successors for their positions in the IACGB after eight years of membership, to facilitate a combination of continuity and of new membership.

Appointment process:
The election of IACGB members will be coordinated by a Nominations Committee which recommends new IACGB candidates to the Steering Group. Everyone who meets to above mentioned expertise criteria is eligible to be recommended, including former IACGB members. The IACGB membership is not limited to one person from one country or organization. However, the Nomination Committee has the right to ensure an equal balance of regions and expertise. The composition of the IACGB strives for a broad variety of views and people (e.g. in terms of expertise and background, age, gender, nationality, career stage). In order to increase its diversity and to ensure social inclusion and global fairness, particularly women and young professionals from all hemispheres should be recommended. Each candidate will be asked to provide a brief (about 1 page) profile to present her-/himself including current affiliation, background and expertise in bioeconomy, career stage, ideas of how to strengthen the IACGB, and vision for the development of the IACGB and the GBS. The appointment of new IACGB members is decided by the Steering Group.

Procedures and decision taking process:
IACGB members meet regularly in virtual meetings in order to reduce travel and cost expenses. However, IACGB members meet in person once a year to discuss the annual work plan and to exchange and discuss in detail ongoing bioeconomy activities around the globe. Decisions are typically taken by consensus or in rare circumstances by majority vote.

[22] Members 2020: Mohammed Ait Kadi, Monique Axelos, Mohd Aslam, Anne Bogdanski, Sascha Bollerman, Hugo Chavarría, Paul Colonna, Achim Dobermann, Ben Durham, Ruben Echeverria, Julius Ecuru, Ahmed Fahmi, Fabio Fava, Yoshijuki Fujishima, Josef Glössl, Richard Kitney, Christine Lang, Yin Li, Mauricio Lopes, Mogens Lund, Elspeth MacRae, Jussi Manninen, Mary Maxon, Murray McLaughlin, Paulus Mungeyi, Ian O’Hara, Torfi Jóhannesson, Christian Patermann, James Philp, Vladimir Popov, Frank Rijsberman, Adrían Rodriguez, Morakot Tanticharoen, Omid Tavakoli, Flora Ismail Tibazarwa, Federico Torres-Caballo, Eduardo Trigo/ Marcelo Regunaga, Ivar Virgin, Joachim von Braun, Peter Wehrheim, Seung Jun Yoo

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