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Julius Ecuru, PhD, is an interdisciplinary scientist and researcher. He works on issues related to technological innovation, business and sustainable industrialization in Africa. His focus is on the theory and practice of innovation systems in relation to healthcare delivery, nutritious food, clean energy and safe drinking water . Julius also contributes scholarly works in the chemical and bioengineering sciences, and supports regulatory science and research ethics capacity development. His research interests include interactive learning models that encourage collaboration between the university, industry, and government for innovation, growth and social development.

Contact: jecuru[at]


Publications and activities

Ecuru, J. (2020). Why East Africa chose to develop a regional bioeconomy strategy. The International Journal for Rural Development, Vol 54 (2) 2020. pp 34-35.

Ecuru, J (2017). Getting towards an African Bioeconomy: In Ivar Virgin and Jane Morris (Editors) Creating Sustainable Bioeconomies: The bioscience revolution in Europe and Africa.

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