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Elspeth MacRae currently co-chairs the International Advisory Group of the Global Bioeconomy Summit and the International Bioeconomy Forum - Forest bioeconomy working group. She has been contracted to the Bioeconomy team at FAO, and co-leads the Design, Materials and Manufacturing theme for the NZ National Science Challenge in Science and Technology for Industry. She sits on the Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Ecoadvisory board and has experience in biorefinery, bioenergy, biodiscovery and bioplastics, packaging, 3 and 4D printing, clean technology, wood and fibre and biotech/omics. Among other things, previous lives included regulatory aspects of genetic modification, industrial biotechnology, carbohydrate and terpene sciences, packaging, biopolymer/bioprocessing/bioproduct industry activities, horticulture and food research and commercialisation and work for the NZ Government in Futures.

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Publications and activities

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