Marcelo Regúnaga is the Academic Director of the Formation and Training Department of Bolsa de Cereales de Buenos Aires. Has been Professor of the Graduate Program on Agribusiness at the University of Buenos Aires. Regúnaga is a former Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries; and a former Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining of Argentina. He is member of several organizations and advisory committees, e.g. the Argentine Council for International Relations, the GPS Group, and is Advisor to the Hemispheric Program on Bioeconomy and Productive Development of IICA (Inter American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture). In addition, he is a member of the steering group of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020.

Contact: Marceloregunaga[at]


Publications and activities

Regúnaga, M., García Tobar, J. “Cadenas de Base Pecuaria: Una Gran Oportunidad”. Academia Nacional de Agronomía y Veterinaria N° 36. Buenos Aires, 2011.

Regúnaga, M., Tejeda Rodriguez, A. “Argentinas Agricultural Policies, Trade, and Sustainable Development Objectives”. ICTSD Issue Paper N° 55. Geneva, March 2015.

Trigo, E., Regúnaga, M. et al. “La Bioeconomía Argentina: Alcances, Situación Actual y Oportunidades para el Desarrollo Sustentable”. Bolsa de Cereales, Buenos Aires, 2015.

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