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Mogens Lund is an agricultural and food economist, who received his Ph.D. degree in agricultural economics from KVL in Copenhagen in 1987. Since September 2020, Mogens Lund has been special adviser in NIBIO. In 2015 – 2021, he was director for the Division of Food Production and Society in the Institute. Previously, he has been Research Director at NILF in Oslo and Head of Research at the Institute of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen. In 2003 – 2012, he was the chief editor of the scientific journal “Food Economics”. His research interests include risk and efficiency analysis, strategic management, value chain analyses, cost-benefit evaluations, and the development of the bioeconomy.

Contact: Mogens.Lund[at]


Publications and activities

Lund, M. & J.D. Jensen (2016): A real options approach to biotechnology investment policy – the case of developing a Campylobacter vaccine topoultry. Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 128: 58-69  

Gøtke, N.; B. Klimek & M. Lund (2016): Bioøkonomi og Matsikkerhet i Norden: Fra Enkeltsektorer til ny Biopolitikk (Bioeconomy and Food Security in Scandinavia: From individusal sectors to new biopolicy). I. Frønes & L. Kjølsrød, Gyldendal (red.): Det norske samfunn, Vol. 2(27): 309 – 328

Putra, R.A.R.S.; Z. Liu & M. Lund (2017): The impact of biogas adoption for farm households – Empirical evidence from mixed crop and livestock farming systems in Indonesia. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 74: 1371 - 1378

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