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Yin Li received PhD degree in Fermentation Engineering from Jiangnan University in China. He then worked in the Netherlands and Ireland as a research scientist. He was appointed as Visiting Professor by Cornell University in the US. Presently, he is serving as member of the Scientific Board of International Basic Science Programme of UNESCO, member of the International Advisory Council on Global Bioeconomy. His research interests are in the area of industrial biotechnology, with focus on conversion of carbon dioxide into organic matter, and then into useful products. Using synthetic biology approaches, his research aims at developing novel biocatalysts that contribute to the development of sustainable bio-based manufacturing industries.

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Publications and activities

Xiao L, Liu G, Gong F, Zhang Y, Cai Z, Li Y. A minimized synthetic carbon fixation cycle. ACS Catalysis, 2022, in press

Zhu H, Meng H, Zhang W, Gao H, Zhou J, Zhang Y, Li Y. Development of a longevous two-species biophotovoltaics with constrained electron flow. Nature Communications, 2019, 10:4282.

Gong F, Li Y. Fixing carbon, unnaturally. Science, 2016, 354(6314): 830-831.

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