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Angelique Greene , PhD, is an interdisciplinary materials scientist and chemist who works toward the development of sustainable and smart composite materials using biobased feedstocks and green chemistry principles. Angelique is currently a Senior Polymer Scientist at Scion, a Crown Research Institute, where her work focuses on developing fast-degrading and truly compostable plastics through the use of embedded “plastic-eating-enzymes.” Additionally, Angelique also works on research related to biobased industrial adhesives/coatings and sustainable construction materials from high volume waste. 


Contact: angelique.greene[at]


Publications and activities

3D-Printed Enzyme-Embedded Plastics. Angelique F. Greene*, Alankar Vaidya, Christophe Collet, Kelly R. Wade, Meeta Patel, Marc Gaugler, Mark West, Miruna Petcu, and Kate Parker. Biomacromolecules2021 22 (5), 1999-2009 DOI: 10.1021/acs.biomac.1c00105

“Plastics designed to degrade on command”—Radio New Zealand’s Country Life,

Angelique F. Greene and Kate Parker, “Fill the Gap not the Landfill”—Bioplastic Magazine 2021, Issue 06/2021

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